Unfortunatly WhatsApp doesn't let you choose your own password.

Passwords are generated randomly during registration on the WhatsApp

After registration, your phone stores this password encrypted, so we
can't extract from there.

You have two options to obtain your password:

  1. Request a new password
  2. Sniff the password during the registration

Request a new password

Everytime you (re)install WhatsApp on (a new) phone, it automatically
requests a new password.

You can simulate this procedure by using our web form below. It doesn't
matter if your phone number is already registered or not.

Please be aware that requesting a new password invalidates the password on your phone! So you are not able to use WhatsApp there anymore!

As an alternative you might want to use

Sniff your password

Sniffing your password from your phone is very simple:

  1. install our

    faked certificate

    on your phone.
  2. redirect all requests to to our server
    by adding this line to your /etc/hosts or use an adequate app for
  3. trigger a new registration by reinstalling WhatsApp
  4. wait to receive a SMS containing your password

As an alternative you might want to use