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Tired of entering long and difficult passwords? HIDeKey is a tiny USB dongle which acts as a virtual USB keyboard. It stores your user/password combinations on the encrypted EEPROM of the microcontroller.


  • Create one time passwords (OTP)
  • Store and generate long & secure passwords
  • Single button interface


Originally I decided to design the tiny USB dongle by myself. But after some research, I discovered the really cheap (~3$) USBasp clones from China: HIDeKey is compatible with most of the V-USB hardware designs.


The firmware is hosted on

Please create your own fork to submit improvements or fix bugs.

HIDeKey uses V-USB from ObjectiveDevelopement, a software based USB stack for Atmel AVRs.


HIDeKey is a free open source and hardware project. Anyone is invited to contribute improvements and extensions. HIDeKey licenced under the GNU General Public Licence.

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