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Network Description

We are a group of researchers, and network/open-source enthusiasts at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. We operate AS207613 as a non-commercial network for research and educational purposes. Our main research topics are low-latency networks for Geographically Distributed Real-time Simulations (GDRTS) 1).

The network currently consists of two PoPs in Falkenstein and Frankfurt with plans to expand to a third PoP in Düsseldorf.

As a research network, we only test and operate IPv6.


  • Aachen
  • Frankfurt:



AS207613 maintains an open peering policy, signed formal agreements are not required. Peerings with other PRENs or non-profit networks are welcome.

Physical interface

Peerings are possible at EVIX (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), KleyRex (Frankfurt, Germany) and LocIX (Frankfurt, Germany). Remote peerings via WireGuard tunnels can be used as a fallback.


Peerings with AS207613 are cost-neutral for both parties.

Routing & Filtering

  • Incoming routes are filtered against IRR (RIPE, APNIC, RADB, etc.)
  • Peers must not announce private address space (RFC1918, RFC4193)
  • Peers must not announce private ASNs
  • Peers must not configure static/default routes to our routers


AS207613 will announce prefixes for all members listed in the AS-SET “AS-NULLL”. AS207613 originates the following prefixes:


No explicit SLA is guaranteed. The /dev/null Research Network operates on a best-effort basis.

Want to peer?

Great! Send a mail to

Be sure to include your:

  • ASN & AS-SET
  • prefix limit count
  • preferred peering location
  • peering LAN IP / Wireguard enpoint and key

Active Peering Sessions

AS Name Type Version EVIX IXP-RS IPv6
AS202409 LocIX IXP-RS IPv6
AS31142 KleyRex IXP-RS IPv6
AS35708 IXP-RS IPv6
AS6939 Tunnel IPv6
AS60474 Transit IPv6
AS34927 iFog GmbH Transit IPv6

BGP Tunnelbroker




AS Name Type Version
AS76190 tbspace Peering IPv4 + IPv6
See our project page for a list of publications
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